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Choosing your Battles

Being a entrepreneur it comes a season when you have to plan for your execution season. Planning ahead should take priority in business, why? because their will come a time when Everything makes since from your planning state. I've learned a lot in my past mistakes that has cost me so much money, time, and omg moments. In today's time our new entrepreneurs are quick to get that bag and there is nothing wrong with that, we always ask the question to our clients, are you including the future in your business plan and of course they respond with absolutely and Okay, share with me your plan for retirement, sick leave, how will the business still thrive if something happens and your unavailable and what's your plan and saving strategy. Another of times, they have the drop jaw look like I didn't plan or include that In my P.O.A. (plan of action) phase.

Our focus is the future and right now, we at Pennington Consulting & Talent Group we are here to help design your future in planning your business ROI and as a artist, our main priority is to helping others with direction, leadership, artist brand,performing in main events, as well as establishing your brand as a household name. It's these type of situations entrepreneurs don't think about in the beginning, we understand that your ready an want it now. We will cover the plan as your mindmapping team, we are for you and stand with you.

Let this be a battle that we can fight for you with strategic planning!!

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