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Mental health

Mental health has become a major statement in households. This has always been a issue amongst many but quietly talked about. In the African American society it was always something we've never talked about, we have been through so much starting in the early 1800s somehow it was mirrored as this is the box of lemons so learn how to overcome the situation and go through many devastating life problems.

So this mental health problem we always just pray about situations instead of getting the correct diagnosis to be able to cope with the illness. Coping can be of many things, medications, therapy, exercise and I could go but as a African American I have noticed very few for generations if any received a medical diagnosis from a Dr.

While alot of my friends that aren't African Americans have medications therapist. This has been the real issue I've noticed since I started my mental health company and after my stroke I had a mental breakdown to only find out that I should have been on medications from my childhood trauma of my parents dying at age 9&10! While thinking back my reactions of them being ill and passing, my reactions of as I call it wildn out it was evident that I was experiencing mental health issues.

Since I was never taken to a Dr for proper diagnosis it caused me lashing out, joing a gang, running away, fighting, horrible mouth and so on. It even caused many friendships and family members of dismal with me because of my behavior.

As a grown women that has turned her life totally around and on medications it took now for me to use my story to help many. I can admit at times when situations comes out I have to pray and later talk with my therapist to help me get through a situation or a feeling.

I had to and still learning how to manage stress and situations I have no control over how to breathe and take things in. It is a process that individuals have to learn its going to be alright and always protect your energy. Rather, it will be learning how to breathe before reactions, counting, praying, make sure you'retaking medications that can help or whatever finds you peace at that time Do it, im like #Nike just do it!

Life can truly bring ups and downs yes, but, we have to find what works for us and be ok with that. So many times especially now days with Social media, we feel we have to post that we have this or that we are doing this and that, it doesn't matter if your not at peace or happy with yourself......dt we as a people havet to find peace in Owning our peace of Greatness and saying to yourself, I was born with a purpose and I will overcome ant challenge, illness or what others think of me. Once you find yourself in that space, the only way is Up.


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