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Rise up & Own it

Today is your day, no more

procrastinating know who you are, Own it, get out of being comfortably God has made you a leader that's it thats all there's Nothing to Hard for God.......dt!

Being comfortable is easy for anyone to stay in because of fear or just being In a zone. No pressure, I'm just fine with where I am. Alot of people live in this place and one thing is for sure, no one can be mad a life's outcome but you. We are human creatures and we are all going to make mistakes in life until we find the road that works for us.

If your heading south, west or even east an came to the realization that's got me good results but I know there's more for me and once you decide to take the leap of going north, I. Your mind that inner voice saids what do you have to loose? Then fear comes in and we call is procrastination so we pit things off, always looking for other ways but come to a dead end! There is nothing or no where to go but up, but until you decide to Leap and prepare tour mind that it is not going to be easy, you will have bumps, detours, yield signs but you must stay the course.

No one ever said it would be easy but only Winners understand this, so what or who do yourself as a Winner or Quitter? It's always easy to turn around and decide to go back to your comfort zone. But deep in your mind d you know there is something bigger and success is North.

You have to trust the process, there will be tears, scary moments, frustrations and sometimes you don't even see yourself at the top, why is that? You have a spot at the top too, do you nit believe that you deserves this? Listen, all the successful people you see will tell you what they went through and I can almost guarantee you it was not easy. If is was easy everyone would be successful! So why would you nit want it, you've been through so much and still going through the process.

If you are reading this blog it's not by accident it was designed for you at a time such as this. One saids. Thats me , I need help 😫 where do I start?

Let Pennington Consulting & Talent Agency help you designed a road map of what to expect. I've been there and let me say it's not easy, social media makes it looks so easy, without telling you the process. We can help you to own who you were designed to be meaning fulfil your purpose. Let's walk each step because success is the micro





Who are you?!?

Coach Pennington

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